How to Check IQAMA Expiry or Validity

To Check IQAMA Validity or to know when your IQAMA is going to be expired, you need to have your Valid IQAMA number with you. IQAMA is actually a resident National ID for Expats of Saudi Arabia who are here to make a living here.


You must keep yourself updated with your IQAMA Expiry date so that you can apply for IQAMA Renewal timely. If you don’t renew your and your dependents or family IQAMA on time, you could be fined heavily.

Before going on any further details let us tell you a very easy method to check your IQAMA EXPIRY DATE within a second on Ministry of Interior Website.

Follow the steps below.


IQAMA EXPIRY VALIDITY Ministry of Interior

In the space “Iqama Number”, Put your Iqama number from your Resident Card/IQAMA. Type and recheck all the figures of your IQAMA number.

  • After that you see a numeric or Alpha Numeric Letters in a box. Just see them from the box and re type the same letters and numbers in “Image Code”.

Click on “View” Tab and you are done. It will show you your exact IQAMA Expiry Date like this as shown.

IQAMA EXPIRY VALIDITY Ministry of Interior

This will show you your IQAMA Expiry Date in Hijri Calender. So Brothers and sisters, keep checking this and make sure that you have your IQAMA renewed beforehand to avoid any legal issues in Kingdom.

In case the above link doesn’t work, you can follow the steps below. This one and the one explained above are actually same. But at times the direct link won’t open. So you can go to Ministry of Interior (MOI) website here

You will reach this Ministry of Interior website.

If you don’t know Arabic or you want to proceed in ENGLISH, you can click on ENGLISH on top  left corner of this page.

and after that hover your mouse on Electronic Inquiries tab. You will come up with something like this.


Here you see “Query Iqama Expiry Service” . When you click on that you will reach the same page which we mentioned above.

The easy way is to simply click on the above link to check your IQAMA Expiry or Validity.

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